STAINMASTER Enhanced Grout Mix

The Tile Doctor Enhanced Grout Mix is part of the Stainmaster™ tile system. It provides one easy step to super charge your cement grout. Seal, protect and strengthen grout by replacing water with Enhanced Grout Mix. No need to seal after curing. Enhanced Grout Mix gives you the same stain resistance as most grout sealers: get it all done the first time. This low VOC formula shields grout from mold and mildew buildup and is easy to clean.

Mix with Sanded Portland Cement Grout in place of water per grout manufacturer's use directions. Use for indoor and outdoor applications.


Sanded Grout: 27oz or 70oz bottles
Unsanded Grout: 44oz bottles


Will result in coverage ranges expected from grout manufacturer's normal use directions.


Routine maintenance and cleaning of the grout is required. Clean up spills as they occur. See Care and Maintenance.


Store between 32° F and 100° F out of direct sunlight. Avoid freezing.


  • Read entire label before using.
  • Sanded Portland Cement Grout: Use 70 ounces of Enhanced Grout Mix to 25 pounds of grout. Each grout manufacturer will have different required liquid requirements to achieve a workable grout.
  • If adding Enhanced Grout Mix to less than 25 pounds of sanded grout, start by adding approximately 2.8 ounces per pound of grout. If additional liquid is required, use only cool, clean, potable water.
  • These are general guidelines and can vary slightly depending upon grout manufacturer, temperature and other job-site factors.


  • Excessive Enhanced Grout Mix-to-powder ratio may cause negative results. When using multiple bags, mix each using the same ratios. When desired consistency is achieved, allow mixture to sit for 10 minutes. Do not add more liquid. Again, mix thoroughly. Use grout manufacturer's instructions in the application process.
  • Do not allow traffic on grouted surface for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not allow submersion in water, cleaning or freezing temperatures for at least 10 days or grout manufacturer's directions, whichever is longer. After it cures, there is no need to seal grout.


  • Use only with Sanded Portland Cement Grouts. Allow tile applications to cure at least 24 hours or follow grout manufacturer's recommendations before applying grout. If tile and stone are to be sealed, do so and allow curing before applying grout.
  • Do not use Enhanced Grout Mix with rapid setting grouts or grouts already claiming stain resistance, or with liquid, epoxy, urethane or any ready-to-use grout. Do not mix Enhanced Grout Mix with Any other additives.
  • Follow grout manufacturer's recommendations for suitability of installation surfaces or test a small area for suitability.


  • Wear goggles when in use.
  • Do not get in eyes and avoid skin contact or ingestion.
  • Eye contact: flush with water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention if any irritation persists.
  • In case of spill, collect with absorbent material and neutralize with an anionic detergent prior to disposal.
  • For chemical emergency ONLY (spill, leak, fire, exposure or accident), call CHEMTREC at 800-424-9300.
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