STAINMASTER Care and Maintenance

Even though tiles are a durable option for floor and wall surfaces, most require the periodic use of sealers and potentially harsh chemical cleaners. Surfaces covered with STAINMASTER™ tile and grout system are different.

Keeping your STAINMASTER™ system surfaces beautiful is easy. Built in barrier technology delivers surfaces that can be easily cleaned using soap, clean water and a damp cloth or mop. In the event of spills, the prompt use of soap and water will keep surfaces looking their best.

For more intensive cleaning, we recommend Tile Doctor Maintain and using the following procedure:

  1. Remove debris from the surface and rinse it with clean water.
  2. Rinse surfaces thoroughly with clean water.
  3. Use a nylon scrub pad or soft brush when cleaning uneven tile or stone surfaces.
  4. Apply Tile Doctor Maintain and allow it to stand for five minutes before rinsing with water.
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