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About Saunders Pro Source Center

Saunders Pro Source Center is an online presence of Pro Source Center, Inc., a manufacturer, wholesale building supplier and distributor located in eastern Washington State. Our company provides a wide variety of installation and waterproofing materials needed for many types installations for showers, baths, wet rooms, steam rooms, floors, etc. We also offer other unique high-performance products designed for superior flooring installations in addition to the tools and supplies needed by both contractors and do-it-yourselfers. While the range of products we offer is rather extensive, we specialize in outstanding customizable shower installation kits and components, floor underlayment, and waterproofing solutions for virtually any type of construction.

Saunders Pro Source Center is our portal for contractors and distributors.


The name Pro Source Center was established in 2008, but the company, previously known as Saunders Interiors, was established in 1946. Throughout the decades, Saunders Interiors maintained a persistent reputation for excellence in installation for just about any interior installation or remodel. The current ownership took over from the retiring founder Harold K Saunders in 1991 and continued to elevate the bar for installation excellence. Our proficiency with Corian and other countertop fabrication led to our expertise and eventual distributorship in abrasives. With decades of experience shared with our in-house experts, our associates are available to guide you through your installation projects from basic tub replacements to exotic custom walk-in showers and more. We phased out installations in 2009 to focus on delivering the highest-quality products and service to large and small Companies, contractors and DIY'ers all over the North America and beyond.


Our selection mainly consists of flooring and flooring-related items, as well as both hand tools and power tools. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Tiled shower installation supplies: waterproofing materials/kits, drains, shelves/benches/niches, tile installation tools, as well as grout, caulk, thin set mortar
  • Abrasives: a wide selection of abrasives for any task, from cutting and grinding to sanding and polishing. Available in discs, sheets, belts, blocks and wheels. Backup pads and protectors are also available.
  • Adhesives, Sealers & Cleaners: grout, caulk, thin set mortar, carpet & vinyl adhesives
  • Flooring, as well as wall & countertop trim and molding profiles
  • Flooring: hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile
  • Power tools: drills/hammer drills/drivers, sanders, polishers, grinders, routers, saws, etc.

Location and Contact Information


(509) 334-4410 (Sales/Support)

(509) 332-4941 (Fax)

Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm PST


227 E. Main St

Pullman, WA 99163


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