STAINMASTER Captivate Collection

Less Cleaning, More You Time

Introducing the Captivate Collection. Made in the finest Italian studios and infused with American technology, STAINMASTER™ tile products bring together the best of American innovation and Italian design excellence. Built-in barrier technology provides stain resistant tile and grout surfaces, and hassle-free cleaning with simply soap and water.

From faux wood to natural slate, travertine to modern fabric facings, this versatile collection has something for every style profile.

  • Residential wall, floor and counter-top applications.
  • Most commercial flooring applications.

NOTE: All tile dimensions listed below are nominal tile sizes.

Natural Series

Minimalist Sophistication

Subtle fabric textures presented in a cool, contemporary palette are the hallmarks of the Natural series. Make an accent wall the focal point in any room with the unique texture of Natural series tiles. Three fresh, soothing shades lend a minimalist vibe and a perfect complement for the modern aesthetic.

Bullnose (3" x 13")
Heather (13" x 20")
Frost (13" x 20")
Graphite (13" x 20")
Heather 36 Piece Mosaic (13" x 13")
Frost 36 Piece Mosaic (13" x 13")
Graphite 36 Piece Mosaic (13" x 13")

Moonstone Series

Celestial Luxury

The Moonstone series combines the opulence of marble and the rugged beauty of natural stone to lend a touch of luxury to any room. Enjoy the cool richness of marble without the maintenance hassles, the Moonstone series is available in a honed finish in two heavenly colors.

Bullnose (3" x 13")
Créme (13" x 26")
Fawn (13" x 26")
Créme 36 Piece Mosaic (13" x 13")
Fawn 36 Piece Mosaic (13" x 13")

Slate Series

Rugged Exotics

The magnificent Ghati mountains and the Himalayas come alive in the Slate series. Available in two versatile colors, tiles in this series capture the bold beauty and color variations of slate without the corresponding care and maintenance.

Bullnose (3" x 12")
Himalaya (12" x 24")
Ghati (12" x 24")
Himalaya Mosaic (12" x 12")
Ghati Mosaic (12" x 12")

Travertine Series

Roman Elegance

Natural limestone hues are captured in durable ceramic tile and presented in an easy clean honed finish. Available in two neutral colors, Vintage and Silver, tiles in this series feature a unique fusion of vein and crosscut travertine patterning for the appearance of continuous movement.

Bullnose (4" x 24")
Silver (8" x 24")
Vintage (8" x 24")
Silver Mosaic (8" x 24")
Vintage Mosaic (8" x 24")

Timber Series

Hardwood Charm

Chestnut from the Timber series is inspired by the American chestnut hardwood, a favorite among furniture makers for its intricate knots and wood grain. Tiles from this series offer the rustic charm of natural wood without the inherent limitations. Transform the shower and bathroom into a private spa with the application of Chestnut tiles on wall and floor surfaces.

Bullnose (4" x 24")
Chestnut (8" x 24")
Chestnut 12 Piece Mosaic (8" x 24")
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