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Mirka DEROS 625X CV 6 Inch Electric Sander

This product has been replaced by the following product:

Advanced Electric Sander 6" 3/32" Orbit LP CV for HL Pad AE-061036

Advanced Electric Sander 6  3 32  Orbit LP CV for HL Pad AE-061036 by AirVantage

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Air Vantage AE-061036 6 Inch 3/32 Inch Orbit Low Profile Central Vacuum for Hook and Loop Sander

  • Advanced Series Electric Sander
  • Integrated Electronics for No External Power Source
  • Quiet Smooth and Intelligently Powerful
  • Superior Performance
  • Light Weight
  • Patented Fan Blade Technology

Electric Advanced Series Palm-Style 6" 3/32" Orbit Low Profile Central Vacuum for Hook and Loop Pad

Introducing the Advanced Electric Series Palm-Style Sanders from Air Vantage. The sander comes in a sleek design that integrates the electronics making it hassle free with NO EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY needed. Because no external power supply is needed there are significant energy cost savings compared to pneumatic sanders. The advanced electric sander is also low maintenance which saves time and money. Even though the Advanced Electric sanders have the power supply built in, it is a light weight sander. Even though the sanders are compact the DC motor design generates high torque. Lastly the advanced electric sanders have long run times as well as long lifespans.

Orbit Adjustable Speed Settings Power Pad Number Sander Style Vacuum Type Pad Style Pad Size Vacuum Hose Fitting
3/32" 4000, 7000, 10000 RPMS 350W 1260111 Low Profile Central Vacuum Hook and Loop 6" 1" Diameter

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