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CSI 62-200 Pro-Cut Plus Defect Remover

This product has been replaced by the following product:

CSI 62-203 Ceram-X Defect Remover and Polish

62-203 Ceram-X Defect Remover and Polish by CSI

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CSI 62-203 Ceram-X Defect Remover and Polish one product from wool pad cut to foam pad finish

  • A fast and effective single-polish system for ceramic type clear coat finishes
  • Results in a superior swirl-free finish
  • Can save 30% time and cost compared to other methods and provide better results
  • 8 oz, 1 quart, or 1 gallon

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CSI 62-203 Ceram-X Defect Remover and Polish

  • Cut with wool, finish with foam
  • Anti-static formula
  • Applies the same methods used to get a perfect see-through optical polish on eyeglasses and telescope lenses
  • Removes color sanding scratches, swirl marks and oxidation on both new or cured paint


  • Single Polish System For Ceramic Clears
  • Superior "swirl free" finish
  • Removes 1500 grit on very hard paint surfaces such as ceramic clear coats. Can remove even more aggressive pigtails on normal clear coats.
  • No need for glaze or fillers
  • Easy application
  • Fast and effective
  • Waterborne technology - doesn't heat up while working
  • Unlike similar competing products, won't get sticky in sunlight
  • Easy water cleanup
  • Water-based nearly-odorless nano-gel technology
  • More time and cost-effective than competing brands or methods
  • Also an excellent product for refinishing headlights, polishing metals (like stainless steel), etc.

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