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QEP Vitrex Heavy Duty GT Tile Nipper

This product has been replaced by the following product:

Barwalt 70316 Ultrabite Tile Nipper

70316 Ultrabite Tile Nipper by Barwalt Tools

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Barwalt 70316 Ultrabite Ceramic Tile Nipper

  • Diamond precision ground carbide of finest quality
  • 1/3 less compressive force required
  • 1/2 the weight of typical GT style nippers
  • Cushioned sleeve handles
  • Design provides more comfort, more control, less fatigue
  • Stainless steel bearing - no rust, less oiling

Barwalt 70316 Ultrabite Tile Nipper

Barwalt70316-2 img
  • With porcelain tile getting harder all the time and the present nippers out there failing, Barwalt designed a revolutionary new nipper!
  • Barwalt chose the finest carbide that is ground to a precision finish with industrial diamonds that will cut even porcelain like butter.
  • Barwalt designed a whole new nipper body that is not only the most comfortable, but also has more mechanical advantage while nipping.
  • The handles utilize cushioned sleeves that won't fall during use.
  • Testing proves that this new nipper only requires 1/3 the compressive force to cut porcelain tile all the way through.
  • Less force required offers more control while nipping.
  • The carbide teeth are replaceable! No other GT style nipper in the world utilizes this feature!
  • 50% less weight than other GT style nippers - less fatiguing.
  • Stainless steel bearing - won't rust and needs less oiling.

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