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Tyco Radiant Underfloor Heating 120 V Complete system

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FlexTherm Green Cable Surface XL 120 VAC Radiant Floor Heat System

Green Cable Surface XL 120 VAC Radiant Floor Heat System by FlexTherm

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FlexTherm Green Cable Surface XL 120 VAC Radiant Floor Heating Wire with Prova Flex-Heat+ uncoupling anticrack membrane like ditra-heat

  • Complete 120VAC radiant floor heating and underlay system for tile and stone
  • Easiest install and highest performance
  • Install with your preferred modified - fortified thin-set mortar
  • Designed for installation in wet or dry environments
  • Use as primary or secondary heating source

Prova Flex-Heat and Wire Install

FlexTherm Green Cable Surface XL 120 VAC Radiant Floor Heating System with Prova Flex-Heat+ Uncoupling Membrane and Your Choice of Thermostat

With its constant diameter at every length, the Green Cable Surface XL heating wire is the perfect complement to the Prova Flex-Heat+ uncoupling membrane for the easiest-to-install ultimate performance heated tile and stone underlayment system


  • Complete System includes Green Surface XL heating wire, one floor sensor, thermostat and Prova Flex-Heat+ uncoupling membrane for seating heat wire and providing the ultimate underlayment solution
  • Choose a kit size for the area to be heated and the type of thermostat
  • Easy Installation - no separate return wire to thermostat (one supply cold wire set)
  • Entire system is compatible with ceramic and natural stone floor coverings
  • Heating wire uses robust sheath with a constant diameter
  • Energy savings up to to 28%*
  • Free of electromagnetic fields**
  • Does not dry the air or spread dust and germs
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Designed for installation in wet environments
  • Use modified or fortified thin-set mortar of your brand choice and quality (good, better, best)
  • Installation with modified thin-set mortar provides higher installation performance versus unmodified installs
  • Will not rot or crack and is impervious to most substances.
  • With Shear-Stress Control - membrane bridges cracks and provides an isolation layer to prevent cracking of tile surface.
  • Can be laid over a variety of substrates.
  • 25-year limited warranty

*In a room heated by a FLEXTHERM floor heating system.
**Based on the installation instructions included in the FLEXTHERM installation guide, the recorded EMF measurement is considered insignificant (between 0.25 mG and 0.5 mG).


It is recommended that you order additional Prova Flex-Heat+ to cover additional areas of your installation space that will not be heated. Installing the XL thickness Prova Flex-Heat+ over your entire space ensures consistent height and proper protection for stone and tile for heated and unheated regions. Consult the chart below to determine how much membrane is already included with your specific heating kit size:

120 VAC Heating and Coverage Specifications

Grn Surface XL
Heat Wire Part #
Square Feet of
Prova Flex-Heat+
included (3" spc)
SF Coverage for
3" spacing - primary
or supplemental heat
Alt. Coverage* for
3.75" - 4" spacing
supplemental heat layout
Wattage (W) Amperage (A) Length (ft)
HGS120L0024 8 6.6 8 88 0.7 24
HGS120L0031 10 9 11 114 1.0 31
HGS120L0045 13 12 15 161 1.3 44
HGS120L0067 20 18 23 242 2.0 67
HGS120L0079 23 21 27 285 2.4 79
HGS120L0100 30 27 34 363 3.0 100
HGS120L0111 33 30 38 403 3.4 111
HGS120L0129 38 35 43 467 3.9 129
HGS120L0160 47 43 54 579 4.8 160
HGS120L0176 51 47 58 638 5.3 176
HGS120L0195 57 52 64 707 5.9 195
HGS120L0209 60 55 69 758 6.3 209
HGS120L0240 69 63 79 870 7.3 240
HGS120L0252 72 66 82 910 7.6 252
HGS120L0276 78 72 91 1002 8.4 276
HGS120L0316 90 83 103 1146 9.6 316
HGS120L0356 101 93 116 1289 10.7 356

* Alternative coverage intended primarily for floor surface warming where other room heat sources/vents exist. You will need to order additional Prova Flex-Heat+ for the expanded area. The primary spacing and coverage can serve as either primary or secondary room heating.

Green Cable Surface XL

FlexTherm_in_Prova_Flex-Heat.jpg FlexTherm_in_Prova_Flex-Heat.jpg FlexTherm_in_Prova_Flex-Heat.jpg FlexTherm_in_Uncoupling.jpg

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